This year, in 2020,
La Passerelle dance studio is
celebrating its 20th anniversary!

25 years of teaching...

A dance class is a research workshop…

I have always been observant since I was small and this sense is an integral part of my personality.

It is important to me that the person — the pupil — be the focus. And to encourage them to foster  their technique, their biomechanics, their musicality and to be present in their dance, and lead them to  ask a lot of questions and ‘Whys’.

I like this space of freedom where the pupil is free to make their choices.

I pass on information — knowledge that I question every day…

Like a chameleon, I adapt to each individual’s mood, personality, desires and goals and when  we can go on part of the journey together, it’s just wonderful…

Always thirsty for knowledge and full of passion, I am still a pupil myself…

It’s such a wonderful exercise to start your day with a clean slate…

Being a teacher means being amazed every day!

Christine Matthée

Director founder and main teacher at La Passerelle dance studio.


Christine Matthée

After having graduated from the Brussels Conservatory, Christine Matthée, whose brilliance shows from her improvisation and creativity, was admitted to the Folkwang Hochschule Essen where she was taught by Dominique Mercy, Malou Airaudo, Lutz Förster and others.



Louise van gils

Louise has taken all her dance lessons at La Passerelle.

Her passion for dance and above all her work have enabled her to interpret both classical roles, such as CINDERELLA, and contemporary roles.

Private Facebook group ‘Les danseurs de la Passerelle dance studio’

(La Passerelle dance studio dancers)

Only for La Passerelle pupils, the idea is to share information and publications with you concerning La Passerelle dance studio.

Videos and practical discussions.

However, there will be no adverts or articles that do not concern dance lessons. The WhatsApp group is in the same spirit.

You can join this group simply by making a request via the social network concerned and specifying the name of the pupil who dances.